Morpheus.Network Partners with Innven Consulting

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We are excited to announce a powerful partnership between Innven Consulting and Morpheus.Network!

As a Partner of Morpheus.Network, Innven is committed to helping Latin American businesses achieve digital transformation by implementing the Morpheus.Network Middleware Platform.

Morpheus.Network’s Middleware Platform is designed to connect all parties involved in a supply chain and enable them to access all relevant information in real-time. This helps them work together more efficiently, which leads to a reduction in costs, faster delivery times, and increased customer satisfaction. Learn more about our Platform here

How will Innven Consulting, and Morpheus.Network work together ?

Currently, so many industries are in dire need of automation and increased visibility. Therefore, to achieve the digital transformation of their supply chain, it is necessary to create an ecosystem that will allow interoperability between the systems of various companies — which also requires a security protocol.

The Morpheus.Network platform solves these problems by addressing everything from system integrations down to monitoring information about products and activities involved within each process — all while ensuring that no data can be altered or manipulated.

Blockchain technology also provides the infrastructure for this, securely storing any relevant data and verifying its authenticity (no matter where it comes from).

The goal is to eliminate barriers in optimizing and automating business operations by leveraging the Morpheus.Network platform which enables the digitalization of workflows, process automation, real-time visibility, and the interoperability between the systems of the various stakeholders in the global supply chain.

About Innven Consulting

Innven Consulting, headquartered in Lima, Peru, specializes in optimizing supply chain processes for its clients and aiding them with the digital transformation of their supply chains. With such an accomplished team of industry experts with decades of experience handling supply chains for major companies in Latin America and internationally — including food, beverages, oil & gas, information technology, and agriculture. Innven Consulting knows that the best way to meet this challenge head-on is to create interoperable ecosystems through software platforms like Morpheus.Network. The latter provides transparency across an entire organization’s supply chain, all while adding an extra layer of protection against counterfeiters, fraudsters, and unethical competitors looking to take advantage where they can find it.

Morpheus.Network CEO and co-founder Dan Weinberger actually had the chance to sit down with Carl Wood and Invenn CEO and co-founder Gerson Maruyama to introduce Invenn, Morpheus.Network’s brand new channel partner from Peru. Gerson gave a background on Invenn and how the company was put together.

You can watch the entire video on Youtube by clicking on the video below.

Here are the questions Gerson and Carl answered: (Please refer to the time stamps for answers to the questions)

Dan: Give some little bit of background about yourself, background on Invenn, and how the company was put together.

Gerson: [2:05–3:04]

Dan: There’s different solutions out there, different companies out there. Why did you decide to work with Morpheus Network specifically?

Gerson: [3:37–4:29]

Dan: We had that great event TOC America, which you contributed to. How was that event specifically? Was it a great event? Can you give us information on how that event went?

Gerson: [5:08–6:22]

Dan: Carl, can you add a little bit of color around some of the specific solutions, ’cause I know that with Morpheus, we don’t want to just discuss the problems, we’re going to discuss the solutions as well. What sorts of solutions, and problems as well, are you guys tackling right now with Gerson, initially?

Carl: [6:54–8:10]

Dan: Gerson, anything else you’d like to send out to our community, you know, things you;re excited about working with Morpheus, about the future in general?

Gerson: [8:42–10:07]

Dan: Can I ask you Carl, for the holiday season, give a message for the community, anything you’re thankful for as well as grateful for this year?

Carl: [10:52–11:34]

About Morpheus.Network

At Morpheus.Network, we are intensely focused on helping companies and Government organizations remove barriers to digitize, optimize and automate their global supply chain operations. We help clients maximize revenue through digitization and process automation, protecting sensitive data, and untangling complex issues with the legacy supply chain system while delivering effective, equitable, and efficient global trade solutions.

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