Welcome Courtney Glover As Origin’s New Head of People!

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It’s with great excitement that we welcome HR veteran Courtney Glover to the Origin team. A qualified lawyer, Courtney entered talent acquisition driven by an unerring passion for people and cultivating inclusive company cultures that view employees as their greatest assets.

Courtney’s first foray into Web3 came in the form of Director of People at Recur, a leading metaverse firm catering to major brands. As Recur’s 13th hire, Courtney’s deft skills proved instrumental in growing Recur’s team to more than 200 employees.

When it comes to crypto, Courtney is enthralled by the potential of NFTs, with World of Women and Hello Kitty among her favorite collections. Insatiably curious, she has also dived into the realm of DeFi of the past year.

Origin first drew Courtney’s attention by virtue of our established products and tight-knit team. In her own words, “I was excited to join Origin for its history in Web3 and for the opportunity to work with one of the best teams in the business. I continue to be impressed by the level of talent at Origin and our ability to continually innovate in a challenging space.”

Now that she’s officially joined the fold, Courtney is committed to achieving tremendous goals informed by her 10+ years of experience in recruitment.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue growing the Origin team while keeping our talent level high,” she explains, continuing, “I’ll be focusing on adding talent that levels up our team and elevates our company culture. I am excited to focus on culture-first best practices and create an environment where our team can thrive.”

When she’s not turbocharging growth and cultivating healthy and cohesive workplace cultures, Courtney enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with her family. Apart from conquering the realm of HR, Courtney has set her sights on eventually launching her own podcast.

Please join us in welcoming Courtney to the Origin team!

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