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OKX Wallet is coming to zkSync 2.0

It’s been a long road to the world’s first zkEVM, and we’re very excited to see the wave of projects continuing to launch on zkSync 2.0. With just a few weeks to go until our mainnet is live, we’ve never been closer to making self-sovereign participation in the digital economy affordable for anyone in the world.

We’ve written a lot recently about breaking down barriers for mainstream crypto adoption; whether that’s through Argent’s implementation of zkSync’s native account abstraction to greatly improve user experience, or various on and off-ramp solutions to increase global accessibility to the crypto ecosystem. At Matter Labs, we recognize that the strength of our platform is in large part due to the amazing projects building in our zkSync ecosystem, and we’re committed to collaborating with the best developers in the crypto space. This includes providing end users with as many ways as possible to engage with the crypto world. We firmly believe that cryptography and blockchain are essential technologies for protecting and fostering freedom globally, and this is how we make that dream a reality for more people worldwide.

This week we’re excited to announce that OKX Wallet will be launching on zkSync 2.0 mainnet. OKX offers a one-wallet solution to all your Web3 needs, with seamless access to multiple blockchains, allowing users to explore the world of DeFi, DApps, NFTs, and GameFi. They also offer an easy on-ramping journey by converting over 30 local currencies into BTC, ETH, USDT, and more in just minutes using your credit card or another payment method.

This comprehensive set of product solutions gives zkSync users even more options for how to manage their crypto assets and engage with the ecosystem as a whole. Combining this UX layer with the scalability, speed, and low fees of our platform will break down even more barriers for mainstream crypto adoption, making ‘self-sovereign participation in the digital economy — i.e. maintaining true control over one’s digital assets — affordable for anyone in the world’.

Find out more about OKX Wallet’s implementation in their own words, and the potential this collaboration unlocks for our zkSync 2.0 ecosystem, below.

OKX Wallet’s Integration with zkSync 2.0

About OKX Wallet

OKX Wallet is a multi-platform, universal crypto wallet. Users can use the OKX Wallet to gain easy access to the Web3 ecosystem, including unlimited tokens and dApps in more than 30 chains and roll-ups. As a non-custodial, decentralized wallet product, users are in charge of their own private keys and crypto assets.

OKX Wallet is a real multi-chain wallet that supports both EVM chains and non-EVM chains. Support for new chains will be supported along the way, giving users access to dApps on different chains without inputting RPC and switching wallets.

OKX Brings Seamless Entry to All of Web3

OKX Wallet believes ZkRollups represent the future of the Ethereum ecosystem, and zkSync is one of the top solutions to the network performance of Ethereum. OKX Wallet plans to be the best entrance to zkSync with our Exchange, DeFi, and NFT products.

‘The mainnet launch of zkSync 2.0 will be a significant moment in the development of Ethereum, and OKX Wallet plans to be the best one-stop entrance to the zkSync ecosystem.’ Shusen Yang, OKX Wallet Head of Business

On our Exchange, OKX Wallet users can switch the Wallet model or Exchange model smoothly at the OKX.com website or in the mobile App. As the Web3 entrance for OKX users, OKX Wallet regards zkSync as one of our most important strategic collaborators. During mainnet, there will be a great number of users from OKX exchange entering zkSync through OKX Wallet, and we hope that the robust user traffic from OKX will contribute much vitality to the zkSync ecosystem.

For our DeFi product, OKX Wallet has integrated with OKX DEX, a swap aggregator, to connect with all liquidity from more than 13 chains and provide free trading for users. In order to fulfill the market demands for token transfer across different chains, OKX DEX optimizes users’ output by finding the best LP and the route that minimizes slippage and network fees, made possible by our independently developed split-route algorithm. X Routing algorithm enables quote comparison by considering LPs across chains, factoring in prices, slippage, and network fees, as well as finding the optimal trading route. OKX Wallet aims for OKX DEX to bring a large quantity of TVL into the zkSync ecosystem.

For NFTs, OKX Wallet has integrated with OKX NFT Marketplace, a decentralized NFT Marketplace running across seven major chains and roll-ups. zkSync will be supported by OKX NFT Marketplace soon after their mainnet launch. OKX Wallet will provide a one-stop NFT solution for dApps in zkSync mainnet, and abundant NFT trading opportunities and tools for users. NFT Launchpad is the exclusive issuing platform of OKX NFT Marketplace. Here, handpicked projects launch offerings that are fully decentralized with equal opportunities, and users can enjoy early access at favorable prices. OKX Wallet will welcome curated projects, esteemed artists, and celebrities to issue NFT assets on zkSync through OKX NFT Marketplace, allowing users to trade NFTs with agility thanks to zkSync’s speed, security, and scalability.

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