Breaking Down Crypto Barriers

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Worldwide Crypto Accessibility with Ramp

At Matter Labs, we believe that increasing personal freedom is one of the most effective ways for crypto to drive positive change. zkSync was founded on the belief that making Ethereum scalable and accessible will enable self-sovereignty at a mass scale.

“Our long-term mission is to make self-sovereign participation in the digital economy — i.e. maintaining true control over one’s digital assets — affordable for anyone in the world.” Alex Gluchowski, Co-Founder and CEO, Matter Labs

To make this dream a reality, crypto cannot be a closed ecosystem; we must remove the barriers that prevent participation for those currently in traditional financial systems. This becomes particularly important in geographies where self-sovereignty — financial or otherwise — is increasingly difficult to maintain.

To make crypto accessible globally, we need solutions that break down financial and complexity barriers for adoption. This is where on-ramps and off-ramps come in, making it possible for users to simply exchange their traditional and digital currencies without the drawbacks of complex, expensive, processes.

We’ve written a lot about these solutions recently, and today we’re talking about Ramp, who will be bringing their on- and off-ramping product to zkSync 2.0 at mainnet launch.

Ramp allows easy access to the crypto ecosystem with simple UX, quick onboarding, and excellent coverage across different geographies and payment methods. Ramp covers over 150 countries and territories worldwide, offering a range of convenient payment methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, andApple Pay, with Google Pay and others coming soon.

Find out more about Ramp’s implementation, and the potential this collaboration unlocks for zkSync users, in their own words, below.

On & Off-Ramping with Ramp

Despite growing crypto adoption, the overwhelming majority of the global economy still runs on legacy fiat rails.

Web3 must tap into this value (and this economy) in order to gain traction and become the next iteration of the internet. That’s where crypto on- and off-ramps like Ramp come in.

The steep learning curve and amount of effort it takes to purchase or sell crypto can turn away all but the most committed users from actually using Web3 apps.

Easy on and off-ramping greatly reduces the time, complexity, and cost involved for users, allowing them to focus on the Web3 experience instead of the process.

It also empowers developers to focus on innovating, instead of having to duplicate and maintain direct financial rails in every jurisdiction they want to operate.

Making Crypto Accessible on zkSync 2.0

As a company and as individuals, we advocate for a fairer, more accessible digital life. This is why we at Ramp believe in Ethereum. We’re proud to carry on the Ethereum ethos in our own mission to make Web3 an accessible reality for all.

We also believe that zero-knowledge proof based Layer 2 solutions like zkSync are an absolutely crucial piece of the future of Ethereum — and of Web3 itself.

But for them to live up to their potential, the flow of capital in and out of these networks must be smooth and painless.

“For us, ensuring that there’s a direct path for economic value to flow into and out of zkSync means ensuring a whole ecosystem of decentralized applications and projects can flourish on top. If we can help this tide to rise, then we can lift all of the little web3 boats and watch them sail smoothly, creating even more value for everyone, in a positive feedback loop.” — Greg McEwan, Ramp Head of Marketing

This is what the integration of zkSync with Ramp brings to the table: A sea of possibilities.

Ramp is already helping projects — such as crypto smart wallet Argent — make full use of zkSync today, but we want to go further. We continue to add new functionality, payment methods, and reach more people. In the future, we hope to open the zero-knowledge door wide for even more projects to grow within the Ethereum L2 ecosystem in an efficient, sustainable way.

About Ramp

Ramp is building the infrastructure to seamlessly connect Web3 with today’s global financial system — and to bring about the internet of value. Through its core on- and off-ramp products, Ramp provides businesses and individuals across 150+ countries with a streamlined and smooth experience in converting between crypto and fiat currencies. Ramp is fully integrated with the world’s major payment methods, including debit and credit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, and more.

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