Polygon Fellowship Class of 2022 Wraps Up With IRL Hacker House

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Congratulations, Polygon Fellowship Class of 2022! 

Polygon partnered with DevFolio to bring together a group of talented and motivated fellows to the eight-week long fellowship, capped by a one week IRL event. These fellows were selected from more than 10,000 registrations, with an acceptance rate of 0.7%. (To provide some context, global elite institutions like MIT, Stanford, and Harvard accept at rates of 7.3%, 5.2%, and 5%, respectively.)

The first class of Polygon’s Fellowship kicked off in June and July with an amazing pool of developer talent from across India. Polygon fellows joined the program boasting a diversity of backgrounds–some were building in Web3 for the first time, while others boasted longtime experience in Web3 startups. But all fellows were committed to building innovative, open, Web3 projects. You can read more about our fellows on the Polygon Developer Twitter handle.

Fellows worked day in and day out over the course of eight weeks to refine their dream Web3 projects, forge communities, and network with potential investors. 

The intense program came to an end during a celebratory, heads-down week of building together at a hacker house. Jacked up on caffeine, fellows put the finishing touches on their projects. There was swag. There were delicious meals. There were deep dives with mentors who steered fellows in entirely new directions. 

Influential Web3 builders dropped by to give illuminating sessions and workshops. At the same time, Polygon’s team was always available to help with any technical and logistical problems the fellows might face, along with high-level mentorship by all levels of Polygon’s team. 

And after all that hard work, it was time to flex.

On the final day of the hacker house, fellows displayed what they’d built with live demonstrations. A hundred accomplished builders, including CEOs and founders from India’s illustrious tech industry, showed up in support. Many potential investors left impressed by the grit and quality put up by Polygon fellows. You can read about the projects here.

The hacker house marks the end of Polygon Fellowship 2022, but it is just the beginning of bigger things to follow. 

This year, applications were confined to India. The enthusiasm shown by the vibrant developer community in the country exceeded all expectations. 

In the future, Polygon Fellowship will expand to more regions around the world, cultivating stronger communities, helping the brightest developers build #onPolygon. 

So strap in and start planning, because we will be seeing you soon!

Until then, check out our resources: Polygon Academy for education, Polygon Village for business resources, and Polygon Developer Library to help devs participate in hackathons. 

Have an idea for a project, but need some motivation? Click here to sign up for the online Polygon BUIDL IT hackathon, with $500,000 in bounties. 

Polygon has been overwhelmed by all the love and support received during the fellowship. With a special thanks to all the participants, we look forward to showing off new classes of fellows in the future. Learn more about upcoming opportunities on our blog. Alternatively, join our Discord, and follow us on our social media handles. 

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