Origin Partners With BT to Release an Album Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

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Origin has a fascinating new project to share from American musician, DJ, singer, songwriter, composer, and audio engineer, BT, also known as Brian Transeau. For his 14th studio album, titled Metaversal, BT set out to create something special that would be fully integrated into the blockchain. The album is built around a 1-of-1 NFT, comprising 200,000 lines of code, which contains audio-reactive art harmoniously woven together with cryptographic riddles. In short, Metaversal is an audiovisual cryptographic treasure hunt of grand proportions that fans can solve to receive secret encrypted prizes, including special 1-of-1 NFTs.

BT’s 1 of 1 interactive software NFT

A true believer in the good that blockchain technology can bring, BT reflects:

“I believe blockchain technologies will liberate the arts and free artists of all stripes to be able to release meaningful media at will and be celebrated and remunerated fairly. It’s a miracle that in our lifetime it’s possible to combine creative coding, digital treasure hunting, cryptography, art, and music into a single unified project. I’m humbled to be alive and witness this. It is my great hope that this leads my brilliant community of fans (many of whom are incredibly gifted creators in their own right) into the web 3.0 experience. My dream is that this inspires the possibility of a future where all creators thrive; creating works of true creative significance, merit, and meaning for their audiences.”

To BT, Metaversal is more than an album. It is the culmination of a life obsessed with finding the subtext and hidden meaning in everything. From Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to Bach and Shostakovich, the idea of subtext and musical encryption has held profound significance in his life. So much so that, since his first album, Ima, BT has been encoding hidden messages into his work, some of which, still to this day, remain undiscovered.

BT in his studio

This passion for finding deeper meaning is something that BT has in common with many of his fans.

“I’ve met innumerable hackers, cryptographers, and code-breaking enthusiasts amongst my fans. To say I have smart and creative fans is the understatement of the century. One of the most thrilling things about releasing music over the years has been seeing who will uncover the hidden meanings in the compositions first and how long it will take.” — BT

This is the first time BT has actively gamified his process, overtly encrypting multiple layers of meaning into a body of music, art, and code.

And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, Metaversal is truly extraordinary in that it follows the lunar cycle and plays back the album differently in three modes: day, night, and full moon. The physical packaging of the album is a beautiful bespoke dual vinyl box set, carefully hand-numbered in gold foil. Additionally, it is accompanied by a 3D printed fine art piece, thoughtfully created from the audio waveforms of each song. Every sculpture contains an embedded NFC tag, developed by Suku, which binds the physical object to its digital equivalency living on-chain.

Dual vinyl box set awarded to each auction winner

The Metaversal NFT auction begins September 29th, 2021 at 1:00 pm EDT (17:00 UTC) on nft.btmusic.com and is scheduled to end 48 hours later. There will be 11 auction winners vying to be the owner of BT’s bespoke 1 of 1 piece of software, and each will win up to 11 audio-visual song NFTs, 1 of 11 hand-created 3D waveform sculptures (physical and tokenized), a custom commissioned song, the limited edition double vinyl album (physical), a Lago frame to elegantly display and interact with the highest quality NFT artwork, and in partnership with 330.ai, a Golden Tickets empower you to create your own visual remixes and variations in direct collaboration with BT.

11 hand-created 3D waveform sculptures

Although the auction winners will be limited to a very small group, everyone is welcome to participate in the solving of Metaversal for free. As an added bonus, everyone who successfully deciphers certain clues has a chance to receive some of the rare NFT bonus prizes up for grabs. So get ready for an adventure full of riddles, ciphers, and puzzles to explore and unlock, all of which will reveal hidden easter eggs and treasures that remain secrets to all but those who solve them.

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