Loopring and Blockchain UGC vertical community Midu reached a strategic cooperation

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Jun 29 · 2 min read

Loopring has recently reached strategic cooperation with Midu. Midu will integrate the Loopring layer2 to distribute rewards to users, and allow users to complete operations such as transfer and withdrawal through layer2. Compared with the original transfer based only on Ethereum layer1, this strategic cooperation will bring users the best user experience with zero gas fees, second transactions, and no additional fees. In the future, Loopring plans to reach in-depth cooperation with Midu to create a closed-loop ecosystem of community & Layer2 & DEX.

Midu (52midu.com) is the leading blockchain UGC community. It aims to aggregate high-quality people, help users filter value information, and broaden cognitive boundaries. Midu uses its unique token mechanism to encourage users to make positive behaviors and produce high-quality content. Currently, its active users are over hundreds of thousands.

About Midu

Midu (52midu.com) is the leading blockchain UGC community. Its products include Midu APP and the interview column of “Blade Dialogue”. The founding team came from Alibaba, Wanxiang Blockchain, Citibank, Meituan, and other companies. Most of them graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, the University of Hong Kong, University of London, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, etc.;

Currently, more than 200 industry KOLs have settled in, with 210,000 registered users, and service projects such as UniSwap, AAVE, Polkadot, Heco Eco-chain, Loopring Protocol, etc., and our “Blade Edge Dialogue” column also interviewed many familiar ones. Big coffee in the industry.

About Loopring

Loopring is an Ethereum zkRollup protocol for scalable, secure exchanges & payments. Loopring builds non-custodial, high-performance products atop our Layer-2, including the Loopring Wallet — a mobile Ethereum smart wallet, and the Loopring Exchange — an L2 orderbook and AMM DEX. To learn more, you can sign up for our Quarterly Update or see Loopring.org.

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