Genesis Plaza relaunched

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Enjoy a more user-friendly experience and brand new features.

At the heart of Decentraland, Genesis Plaza was always meant to be an experience that welcomed users to the metaverse, providing a stepping off point for the rest of the virtual world.

The Decentraland Foundation development team has been steadily making improvements to the Plaza to ensure that when users arrive in Decentraland they know where they are, where they can go and what they can do.

Today’s relaunch is the realization of those efforts. Here’s what you can expect upon entering the all-new Genesis Plaza…

lobby decentraland

The sky’s the limit just the beginning

It all begins on a snowy white cloud. This is the lobby. Here you’re presented with three main information boards showing you classic games to play, upcoming and live events which you can jump straight into, and a list of locations where other users are currently hanging out.

You’ll also notice a very large hole in the middle of the lobby. Once you’ve finished perusing the boards, why not take a leap of faith? This is the slide that transports you to the main area of the building.

cool barman

The ultimate hangout

The main area has two levels: the ‘ground floor’ and an upstairs outdoor area. The ground floor is a bar/cafe where you’ll meet other users as well as friendly NPCs to practice your social skills on.. There are also live Discord and Twitter links and a selection of – shall we say – interesting digital artworks on display.


Take the lift to the outdoor platform for incredible views across Decentraland.

These are just a few of the features in the relaunched Genesis Plaza, which offers a much more immersive and user-friendly experience. Jump in now to see it all!

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