[Announcement]Extension Art Competition 2021.May.

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We are looking for the extension’s art for the next Land Node updated on July 1st!

Try to put your art as the official extension!

Jun 14th:Deadline
*Minimum review by us
Start selection by Lands.
Jun 22nd:Submission of desired art candidates for each land
June 23rd: Art decision based on land selection rights
July 1st: Reward for adopters and node update


Theme “Vehicles”

Candidates from the P-Team are as follows
General cars
Racing cars
War car
Rail cars (trolley, locomotive, train)
Spacecraft (including rockets and shuttles)
Sleds (dog sleds, reindeer)
Amusement park rides (coffee cups, merry-go-rounds, Ferris wheels)
Balloons and airships
Marine sports (surfing, canoeing, jet skiing)
Magic carpets
Other motifs may be freely submitted by the artist, but please mention them to the “wakao | MCH#7026” in discord beforehand for vehicle certification!

1.Please give me your dot design, 1 series 5 rarities, as the extension!

You’re welcome to apply for multiple series by yourself!

*You can submit the same series as others, or multiple same series by yourself!
However, for example, if the “Airplane” series is chosen by a Land , the other “Airplane” series cannot be adopted by other lands.
However, if the silhouettes are very different and the series names are clearly distinguishable, it may be possible. This will be discussed by the management team, and we will make every effort to ensure that the series is adopted in the widest possible range.

*At this point, your entry will be reviewed by us to a certain extent. Entries that violate public order and morals, violate copyrights, or are very similar to existing series or other entries will be rejected. We do not intend to set up a strict screening process for quality and other factors.

2. Land must be submitted in advance from the first to the ninth candidate from the application list.

Which rand will be given priority will be determined by the ranking of the Extension Wars event to be announced later.

*There is a possibility that multiple works by the same artist will be selected and receive multiple prizes.

3. The following rewards will be given to the artists whose art is selected.

One each of Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common from the relevant extension NFTs + 1000 MCHC. (This will be funded from operational development costs.

MCHC is a type of Cryptocurrencies called MCH coin. It is currently circulating on Uniswap.

Unaccepted series can be submitted to the next and subsequent competitions.
(Entries with the same series but different images may not be accepted.

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