People leaving Ethereum is ‘just never going to happen,’ says Solana co-founder

2021 saw a significant proportion of developers shifting from Ethereum to rival blockchains. Primarily, because the Ethereum network continued to fight high gas fees and congestion. Well, one network that hugely benefitted from this situation was Solana. Its meteoric rise over 2021 positioned it as one of the main Ethereum-killers. Solana’s native token Sol reached … Read more

Bitcoin Capital launches actively managed Bitcoin, Ether ETPs on SIX Swiss Exchange

Ever since the first cryptocurrency-backed exchange-traded products were launched in the European market in 2018, asset managers have been getting increasingly creative with the kind of exposure they provide to investors. Earlier today, Bitcoin Capital AG announced the launch of two new ETPs on the SIX Swiss Exchange, which will be pioneers in providing the … Read more

Assessing how different layers are competing AND complementing Bitcoin, Ethereum

Decentralized chains predominantly need two things – Security and scalability. Those are requirements that are almost industry clichés now. But, they are also aspects that have accelerated growth in the crypto-ecosystem after the birth of the first-born cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Owing to limitations like congestion on Layer 1 chains, Layers 2 and 3 functionalities quickly … Read more

What's new in matic.js v3

Matic.js is an open-source javascript library for interacting with the Polygon bridge. It provides APIs for deposits, withdrawals, transfers, etc. The latest version v3 is an all-in-all improvement over its predecessor, which was used in multiple applications. The newest iteration was developed after analyzing and understanding several improvements, feedback, and issues sourced from our community. … Read more

Bringing Blockchain to real use cases: Next 2 Billion users

Polygon will be at Blockchance to present findings from its month-long Africa tour about the state of blockchain on the continent.  Polygon Hermez undertook the journey with the support of the Ethereum foundation and found a booming and vibrant blockchain community. On Dec. 4, Polygon’s Enterprise Lead Antoni Martin will present our insights from the … Read more

Yearn.Finance Integrates Origin Dollar

Origin is extremely excited to announce that Yearn.Finance has launched a vault integrating the Origin Dollar (OUSD) pool on Curve. Users can now deposit OUSD-3Crv LP tokens into the Yearn vault and automatically receive proceeds from Convex, Curve, and Origin’s liquidity mining campaign. Yearn is one of the largest aggregators and platforms in DeFi. OUSD … Read more

Ethereum outperforming Bitcoin means this for the rest of the market

The onset of December saw both top coins’ trajectories pick up pace, after a rather laid-back November. Bitcoin saw over 4% gains while Ethereum shot up by over 10% over the last two days taking the market by surprise. This, however, wasn’t the first time Ethereum outperformed BTC and other major alts.  Ethereum outperforms  The … Read more

Redefining Scalability

StarkWare Dec 1 · 8 min read Blockchain scalability has always been a heated topic. Nearly every blockchain network touts high numbers of transactions per second (TPS) as a selling point. However, TPS is not a valid metric to compare blockchain networks with — making it a challenge to evaluate their relative performance. Moreover, big … Read more

Ethereum, Shiba Inu, AAVE Price Analysis: 1 December

The broader crypto market signaled a revival trend as it shifted into its inherent state of volatility. As a result, Ethereum and AAVE registered over 6% gains on their daily charts. On the other hand, Shiba Inu defied the market inclination by witnessing an 8.5% 24-hour loss.  Ethereum (ETH) Source: TradingView, ETH/USDT After striking its … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) Is Aiming to Hit $4800 Levels

Ethereum is the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency. The EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) comes up with big names such as Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, Intel, and many other reputed companies. It is a blockchain-based platform and enables developers to build decentralized applications suitable for various purposes. The application will be based on a blockchain, so participants … Read more