Ethereum initiates recovery, but sellers still await profit booking

Despite maintaining a dominant stance in a smart contract and supporting the decentralized application, Ethereum has gained several competitors eyeing for better market position. The latest market value of $154 billion remains a mountain to be breached by low-value projects.  Crypto projects are facing drastic challenges after the LUNA and FTX fiasco. Hence, trust in … Read more

Vitalik Buterin reveals exciting use cases for Ethereum ecosystem

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin published a blog post to illustrate use cases that excite him about the Ethereum ecosystem. The post looked at money, DeFi, digital identity, DAOs, and hybrid apps showcasing the breadth of utility within the Turing complete blockchain network. What in the Ethereum application ecosystem excites me — vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) December 5, … Read more

Infura co-founder: MetaMask IP collection backlash is blown out of proportion

The co-founder of endpoint provider Infura, Michael Wuehler, said the fuss about MetaMask collecting IPs is “vastly blown out of proportion.” Agree.. it’s also incredible for millions to install MM and instantly witness and participate in web3. Our knowledge of IP address data and somehow exploiting that is vastly blown out of proportion. Simple solution, … Read more

Ethereum NFTs surrender to crypto winter; will ETH suffer the same fate

Ethereum witnessed a decline in NFT transactions, but blue-chip collections did well Ethereum observed support from retail and large investors NFT transactions on Ethereum have declined significantly, from 22% NFT dominance to 8.3% according to crypto analytics firm Glassnode. On the other hand, stablecoin transactions grew and took up the space originally conquered by NFTs. This … Read more

ETH enthusiasts should brace for lower volatility based on these observations

ETH managed to cross the $1,200 bar in the last weeks of 2022 ETH whales preferred to hold on to the altcoin than sell their holdings  Now that Ethereum [ETH] has crossed the $1,200 range, it is only logical to wonder how it will conclude 2022. Here are some recent observations that may set the … Read more

MANA stands strong as these whales set up camp in Decentraland

Top Ethereum whales held more MANA than any other token MANA’s price action showed that it was demanding a bearish exit According to a tweet posted by WhaleStats in the wee hours of 4 December, the top 500 Ethereum [ETH] whales preferred to hold Decentraland [MANA]. The database noted that these whales held about $1.05 … Read more

All you need to know about Aave’s V3 rollout and what the future holds for AAVE

AAVE’s V3 to offer more flexibility for users AAVE witnesses some demand from top whales in anticipation of the rollout The Aave Protocol and its community are currently preparing for the rollout of the Aave Protocol V3. The latter will particularly target the Ethereum [ETH] market, where it might be a big deal. A recent … Read more

ENS price surges due to this metric, however there was a decline in…

ENS witnessed consistent growth in terms of monthly active users Though its prices surged over the past week, network growth and volume depreciated The monthly active addresses on ENS continued to grow as per analytical platform Messari. This took place despite declining user activity across the board due to the volatility that occurred in the … Read more

Is holding Ethereum in Q4 far from profitable? These metrics suggest…

Ethereum turned inflationary as network supply fees fail to surge Network validators remain staunch in their duty to avoid slashing events while ETH consolidated Ethereum’s [ETH] quest for profitability took another sour turn as it returned to inflationary condition after a few attempts at the opposite. According to Token Terminal, the decentralized blockchain daily earning … Read more

Avalanche, Ethereum, and how BTC.b could trigger a rally for AVAX

Avalanche’s BTC.b witnessed a massive growth in supply But, Avalanche’s TVL witnessed a continued decline According to Data Analytics’ tweet on 2 December, the amount of Bitcoin Avalanche Bridged [BTC.b] on Avalanche [AVAX] surpassed that of the Ethereum network. This development suggested that users may have spotted new opportunities on the Avalanche network and have … Read more