Does EIP-1559 mean Ethereum will really become ‘better money’

At the time of writing, block 12,939,102 had been mined on Ethereum. 12,965,000 beckons in less than 25,000 blocks and with it, EIP-1559 will finally undergo activation. Now, the anticipation surrounding this upgrade has been palpable, with multiple discussions about its effects on Ethereum’s future. In fact, one of the most popular narratives set forward … Read more

Early adopters final announcement and clarification.

Formation.Fi Just now·3 min read Dear community, as you know FORM stands by its users and it’s there for you. During the last few days we have discovered that there was some misinterpretation of the rules for Early adopters, which could be our fault as well. As you know Early adopters was not even planned … Read more

Ethereum: Are you wrong to expect ‘changes’ from London

Ethereum is days away from one of the most important system upgrades since its inception. The London hard fork, the implementation of EIP-1559, is expected to completely change the monetary and economic model of Ether and its network. These changes are expected to take place after the commencement of the hard fork on 4 August. … Read more

Six years on, this is how Ethereum is REALLY faring on these counts

$12, $205, $450, $208, $330, $2350 The figures are not random prices. They are Ethereum’s 30 July market valuations since the year 2015. Yes, the Ethereum network went live six years ago and since then, the aforementioned date has been celebrated as the world’s largest alt’s birthday. Just like other networks, the Ethereum network too … Read more

Did Ethereum’s breach of $2,400 have ANY impact on Cardano, Uniswap

Ethereum confirmed a strong bullish signal yesterday after it closed a daily candle above $2,400. In fact, the crypto-asset crossed above its psychological resistance for the first time since 14 June. Historically, when this has happened, Ether has triggered minor altcoin rallies too. We analyzed some of the top correlated assets with Ethereum to understand … Read more

Ethereum: These will be the signs of ETH rallying to a new ATH

Ethereum has been following Bitcoin‘s price track for a while. Now, even though it’s not a bad trajectory per se, it’s not all that great either. With Bitcoin testing the crucial $42k mark at press time, it’s time for the market’s top altcoin to register some massive gains too. What does the price say? Over … Read more

This NFT-focused project might trigger a new level of interest in Ethereum

It is a rare occasion for a blockchain-based project to prosper during a bearish market since interest in it reduces with price depreciation. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the collective market tumbled heavily between May and June 2021 and other altcoins suffered in terms of valuation too. However, the NFT space has been surprisingly active, and one … Read more

Ethereum: This resistance zone might open up shorting opportunities

Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be taken as investment advice Ethereum’s latest hike above $2300-$2400 saw the price finally break north of its horizontal channel after three attempts since 22 June. While this was an important bullish development, one that reinforced ideas of a … Read more

Ethereum ‘flippening’ Bitcoin – Assessing if it is any closer

The question, hope, argument, or possibility of Ethereum “flippening” Bitcoin has popped up time and time again, especially over the previous month. However, the question is more relevant now, primarily because of two reasons. Source: Coinstats The first one being Ethereum’s London hard fork scheduled for this week. The second reason is Ethereum’s performance over … Read more